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Welcome to the

UMBC Observatory!


This webpage is your one-stop shop for all information concerning the UMBC Observatory.
That said, if you are looking for something and cannot find it here, let us know!


Site Outline

  1. About
    1. Learn about our history
    2. Learn about the people that make the UMBC Observatory work
    3. Learn about how to find us
  2. Facility
    1. Notes on accessibility to our facility
    2. Notes on instrumentation in our facility
  3. Astronomy Resources
    1. General topics written-up for popular consumption
  4. Events
    1. Open House Events Information
    2. Special Events History
    3. Event Requests Form
    4. Flyers for our Events
  5. Observations
    1. A description of what we can see from the UMBC Observatory
    2. How to use the UMBC Observatory (for internal use)
    3. Scope Observation Log, feel free to peruse
    4. Image Gallery featuring images from some of our observations