Welcome to the UMBC Observatory!



The UMBC Observatory Group is built of faculty, staff, and interested students who work to maintain the facility and administer its mission. Learn about them as well as the facility they work to maintain by exploring the “Facility” tab.

The current mission of the Observatory Group is presented in the Observatory Group Handbook under the “Facility” tab.

As a short summary …

The mission of the UMBC Observatory is three-fold. First, to maintain and leverage the facility to design and execute research projects relating to astronomy. Second, to develop and deliver outreach events to the campus and broader community. Third, to build and maintain a strong relationship with the UMBC Astronomy Club.


You can explore our various projects (research and otherwise) under the “Projects” tab.

Public Events

A short listing of out upcoming events are listed under the “Public Events” section to the left. For more information, see the Upcoming Events page under the “Public Events” tab. All public events are open to all members of the public. There is never any fee associated with visiting the UMBC Observatory or any of the events it sponsors.

See this link for a PNG flyer for all planned 2023-2024 Open House events. Additional events may occur depending on the Universe!

UMBC Astronomy Club

You can explore the UMBC Astronomy Club officer lineup and scheduled meetings under Astronomy Club.


Any member of the public may send an email to observatory@umbc.edu to schedule an in-person tour of the facility. The tour can focus on any aspect of the facility or projects and is always led by at least two members of the Observatory Group.


If you’d like to suggest an event or have any questions or comments, please send us an email at observatory@umbc.edu.