Observatory Group

The UMBC Observatory is supported by students, staff, and faculty from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

The Observatory Group is focused on achieving the mission of the UMBC Observatory.

The Observatory Group is comprised of a paid Director, paid Interns, and unpaid Volunteers. The duties and responsibilities of all members are guided by the mission as well as by written agreements between the Director and other members.

Membership in the Observatory Group is also open to any interested UMBC Campus or community member. If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, send an email to observatory@umbc.edu and let us know that you’re interested! Keep in mind that paid positions are limited, and all Observatory Group members are expected to keep open communication with the group and participate as their schedules allow.

Below is a listing of all current and past Observatory Group Members.


royProuty_faceRoy Prouty (he/him)

Director, UMBC Observatory
Advisor, UMBC Astronomy Club

Research Computing Specialist, DoIT
Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science
M.S. Atmospheric Physics, UMBC ’16
B.S. Applied Physics from Stockton University ’13



Olivia Chiarini (She/They)


Working toward B.S. in Physics and Math w/ minor in Astrophysics



Connor Kragh (he/him)

Astronomy Club Vice President (AY24)

Working toward a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Computer Science and Philosophy



Tara O’Donnell (any)


Working toward a B.S. in Physics with a concentration in Astronomy
President, UMBC Astronomy Club (AY22)
Webmaster, UMBC Astronomy Club (AY23)
Vice President, UMBC Astronomy Club (AY23)




Azzan Porter (he/him)


Working toward B.S. in Physics w/ Minor in Astrophysics and B.S. in Mathematics







Jackson Ames (he/him)


Working toward B.S. in Electronic Media and Film with a concentration in Audio





Dr. Susan Hoban

Founding Member 

M.S. University of Maryland, University College 2018
M.S. University of Maryland University College 2015
Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Maryland 1989
M.S. Physics, University of Maryland 1986
B.S. Astronomy, University of Maryland 1983


Jade Dorsainvil (she/her)

Outreach Coordinator  

Working towards a B.S in Computer Science with a concentration in Machine Learning






Past Members


2015-2020 Julia Sharp. Graduated with B.S. in Physics. Now at US DoD
2018-2019 Jason Brewster.
2018-2020 Philip Titleman.
2016-2020 Katy-Ann Carr. Graduated with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering w/ Music minor. Now at APL
2020-2022 Jessica Harryman. Graduated 2022 with B.S. in Physics. Now at APL
2021-2023 Matt Lastner. Expected graduation May 2024. Math/CS w/ Physics minor.
2021-2023 Natalie Piltoyan. Expected graduation May 2024. Math w/ Physics minor.
2020-2024 Onkar Rekhi. B.S. Mechanical Engineering ’24. Now working US Naval Surface Warfare Center