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July 27, 2020

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Length ~15 minutes


Introduction and Background Music: “The Infinite Sequence

Ending Music: “TV’s Bloopers Theme

Content provided by the Universe. Made audible by Jesse Lorentson (2016, MS Applied Math) and Roy Prouty (2016, MS Atmospheric Physics)

Audio Editing by Roy Prouty with Adobe Audition

Visuals below provided by

Show Notes

This podcast focused more on the following objects:

  • Comet NEOWISE (C\2020 F3)
  • The Summer Triangle — shown in red below
  • The Ecliptic — shown in purple below
  • Planets:  Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, & Venus
  • Radiant of the Perseids Meteor Shower in constellation Perseus from Big Dipper to Cassiopeia — shown in blue arrows and light blue text

Fun facts! The ‘event’ of a comet appearing to us on Earth is called an ‘apparition’

The first X-Ray source that was later confirmed to be a black hole was found in one of the ‘wings’ of Cygnus The Swan in The Summer Triangle.


Lyra, The Harp

Aquila, The Eagle

Cygnus, The Swan

Cassiopeia,The Queen

Perseus, Son of Zeus